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Club Car made an impact in the Golf Cart World in the early 80's because of the aluminum Frame. Other carts were having problems with their battery carriers corroding and rusting causing them to fail.  Not only does the Aluminum frame have a much better corrosion resistance but it weights less then steel requiring less energy (battery or gas) to operate the cart.

Identifying the year and model of your Club Car is important to ordering the correct Golf Cart Parts and Accessories.

    The Serial Number is made of 12 characters and indicates the model, the year and the production week of the vehicle.
         An example of a serial number:  PQ0604-237645 would indicate- PQ= Precedent Electric, 06= 2006 Year, and 04= Fourth
         Production Week.

    The DS body style carts are visually identified by the following:
        Years 1982 to 2000 1/2- The seat has 2 separate backrests.
        The armrest/hip restraints are made from a rubber coated piping.
        The roof supports are aluminum in color (not painted).
        Thin plastic roof with no handles molded into the roof.
        The serial number plate can be found at the top of the floorboard directly below the passenger side dash.
        Years 2000 1/2 to 2013- The seat has 1 full backrest.
        The armrest/hip restraints are triangular shaped molded plastic.
        The roof supports are black painted aluminum.
        The roof has handles molded into the plastic and 1/2" ridges on the underside running from front to back.
        The serial number is on a sticker located behind the accelerator pedal on the frame.
    Precedent body style was introduced in 2004 and is visually identified by the following:
        There is a body molding that wraps around the cart 360 degrees.
        The front roof supports are individual aluminum black painted tubing.
        The rear roof supports are molded plastic to allow the drainage of the water from the roof to the ground.
        The serial number is located on a sticker inside the passenger side of the glove compartment.

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