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Custom No-Velcro Sunbrella Over the top Enclosure, Yamaha
Custom No-Velcro Sunbrella Over the top Enclosure, Yamaha

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List Price: $374.00
Our Price: $320.00
Savings: $54.00

Product Code: CY_NO_VELCRO

2-sided w/ Cold Curtain & Club Protector [Add $187.00]

Cart Type*:

Valance Color*:

Side & CP Color*:

Zipper Option*:

Strap w/ hook

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Note: Normal shipping time is approximately 2 weeks! Certain times of the year shipping can take up to 4 weeks.

Yamaha models - Important, please read:
These enclosures are custom and it is very important that we know your cart model and the type of top. Yamaha used two(2) different tops for the G14, 16, 19, 20 and the G22 or Gmax has its own top, therefore we require 2 pictures of your cart so we can identify the model and top to make sure the enclosure you order will fit like a glove.


3 sided: 2 sides w/ a rear curtain that is full length designed to cover the bag area with 2 standard size bags. (Rolls up and snaps under the valance when not in use)

2-sided with Cold Curtain and Club Protector: Covers both sides, also has Cold Curtain in back and allows Club Protector to be let down to protect bag area when needed.

*All panels roll up and snap under the valance when not in use.

  • Note that the entire enclosure must be a solid color except the valance. The valance is the only part of the enclosure that can be a stripe but it can also be a solid color.

We also offer a 4-Passenger cover for $412.50. Please call for more information.

To order a custom No-Velcro Sunbrella enclosure:

  • Scroll down to the color chart and view different color combinations and record the stock number of the fabric color you want.
  • You can pick a solid color for the enclosure panels and a stripe pattern for the valance or make the enclosure a solid color
  • You can pick a matching pattern for seat covers and it can be the same pattern you chose for the valance if you chose to make the enclosure valance a striped pattern.
  • Decide if you want the regular straps on the bottom of the enclosure or snaps. Both are the same price.
NOTE: No-Velcro means that the driver and passenger side panels are attached to the front windshield frame with a zipper instead of the traditional velcro.
These covers are custom made at the time of order and take approximately 4 weeks for delivery but you will have a unique "look" and they are worth the wait! These custom Enclosures are $275 and the enclosures with matching Club Protectors are $375. We also offer a 4-Passenger cover for $412.50.

Extended tops for 4 passenger golf carts are manafactured by several different manafacturers and are all different in size. In order to fit your cart correctly for a 4 passenger enclosure in vinyl or Sunbrella fabric, we will need 2 pictures of the cart; one showing the cart from the side, and one showing the front. These pictures will show the side/front of the cart and the top. Any present enclosures on the cart should be removed prior to taking the pictures. You can attach these pictures to an email and send to david@stevescartshop.com.
Please include your phone number and type of enclosure desired. We will get back with you after we identify the top. We are sorry for any inconvenience but this is necessary to ensure that the product we send you fits like it is supposed to. This will not delay the process of ordering and delivery. Normal delivery for Sunbrella items is 4 weeks.Once you have decided on the colors and are ready to order, call our toll free number (866) 615-8538.

Custom made Sunbrella enclosures and seat covers are custom made for you at the time of order and returns are not accepted except for defects which will be fixed or replaced at the manafacturer's option. Please ensure you order for the right year and make of golf cart.

Note:Side Curtains and Club Protector is only available in solid colors.
The Valance is available in strips and solid colors.

"Instructions for No-Velcro Enclosure"
1. Put the enclosure on the roof of the golf car, with the pocket toward the front of the golf car.
2. Pull the pocket of the enclosure out past the front edge of the roof.
3. Slide the enclosure towards the back of the car, allowing the roof of the golf cart to slip into the pocket of the enclosure.
4. Attach the elastic straps on the back corners of the enclosure around the back corners of the roof of the golf car.
5. Completely unzip and remove the sleeve portion of the front door of the enclosure.
"Sleeve Installation"
1. If the car has a windshield, remove it from the golf car.
2. This step is for 82-99 Club Car. Remove the bolt that holds the support arm onto the windshield frame.
2. This step is for E-Z-GO golf carts 94 and newer: Remove any bolts that run through the front windshield supports that provide support or attach windshield.
3. Wrap the sleeve around the windshield frame so that the cut out for the windshield retention clip is in the proper position.
4. Engage the smaller zipper so that it wraps snugly around the windshield frame. An easy way as these sleeves are designed to fit snugly, is to start zipping in the middle of the frame and slide the sleeve up as you zip down. The zipper should be on the back side of the windshield frame.
5. Attach the sleeve to the enclosure, adjusting the height of the sleeve as necessary, for even alignment with the enclosure zipper.
6. With a knife or razor, cut a small "X" in the sleeve to allow for replacement of any supports or bolts if so equipped through the windshield frame and sleeve.
7. Attach the windshield by carefully snapping the windshield brackets around sleeve and frame.

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